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Author Topic: New Release 0.9.0  (Read 8098 times)
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New Release 0.9.0
« on: 04 January 2007 à 15:21:35 »

Release 0.9.0 (r341 2007-01-03 15:37:25 +0100 (mer., 03 janv. 2007)

- Add log when discovering error
- Protect parameter for js function call
- Add setting for expand command resume in resume command page
- PayPal payment method
- Reset message in floatting windows
- Get Address for a no logged user
- Make an order for services
- Fck editor can be used in Front office
- every payment method can be customized
- new payment method : PAYPAL
- add the page for a picture database
- Can select money symbol
- adding a google integrated web search
- Email body and bbcode associated are now store in database
- Detect link in container
- Add Php5 compatibility
- Plici can choose table for object helper
- Object description can be stored in database
- BO: Menu for internal module
- Form page send all field by email
- Object to send mail in website admin
- Design can have parameters in database
- Add tag for last link in link block
- Now, each site have own style in fckeditor
- the root .htaccess file is no longer mofidied when creating a new website
- in a release, directory Log/tmp are now given
- for the bypass script we use the __FILE__
- PEAR upgrade
- PEAR new component File_Archive
- PLICI doesn't use the mod_zip, now it use the PHP PEAR Component File_Archive (mod_zip now not needed)

- the number of visitor now use a dbconnexion object
- delete php script not needed and too long
- revert LEFT JOIN for compatibility with mysql
- allow_call_time_pass_reference, discard warnings
- attempt to use pconnect (but can have problem when database with same host and same login/pass)
- Correct some xhtml and javascript warning
- the install test allow_call_time_pass_reference is not needed
- convert for PLICI working with safe_mode on
- Increase visbility for link "detail"
- plici_version is now available in Smarty
- install, encode accent
- set for PLICI the GD font directory (safe_mode off needed)
- add a Font directory with GPL fonts
- In Plici Rewriting, now test extension in lowercase Smiley then JPG = jpg
- In a few web site, shopping cart is cached, force to no cache
- Deplace sql file for update weight setting to true for default value
- Add basic toolbar for fck editor
- Now, settings values are available in every smarty template (use assign_all)
- Doesn't display weight correctly on little shopping cart and shopping cart
- Add address for a none logged user
- The SQL script for adding Paypal payment method
- Use product field in t_page to avoid loading list paging 2 time
- Permit a better launch of the update database
- in the update database, now use a plici mysql_query function to display correctly the errors
- in the scripts function, modify the mysl_query function to print mysql error
- trace bad discount code
- modify the plici module file for each module
- Optimize email validation. Bad email is not checked 3 times
- Caddy go to lost state after 30 minutes without action
- PLICI: increase error message
- Use detect link method for build form
- Form : Add   for filed in mail send to admin
- Can disabled cache for smarty object after constructor call
- Template for add form
- Can add parameter for entry during insert design
- When database is update every day, the possibility is added several time
- Add long php tag and add sql limit tag
- Add field for field form to mark an email
- Change default value for type field
- Global graphic setting can have picture in background
- Add directory for central part
- Erase old file
- Clean old file
- Center button for top menu
- Add margin possibility in graphic tool
- Manage body css tag
- We delivery cost carriage paid, incorrect delivery cost type
- Clean template
- Add cell phone field in adress
- Correct some coding bug
- FCKeditor: Add office files(.swx)
- give the link on http://localhost to go to the install process
- add the original_module/my directory to be created on install
- when creating website, disable database cleaning (for avoid bad deletion)

- correct a notice on Easyphp
- correct the setting back office page display
- correct a bug attempting to use an old function
- correct a bug when detecting the /view/site on siteinformation
- correct LEFT JOIN request for compatibility
- comment end tag missing
- Bad command call
- Bad display for billing address in command resume
- Null comparaison is now made by ===
- Error [lang_str_] in mail send after changing command state
- javascript error on buying method
- If not using weight, better print
- Now, redirect to Index if shopping cart is empty
- redirectToIndex doesn't re-send the GET and POST values
- Correct bug with flyspray. You must upgrade flyspray (especially header.php file before)
- PHPMV : doesn't let access to the db
- Add page with link id didn't work
- Use integer instead of float
- FS#24: Module read css file in /original_module/
- FS#70: When stock management is not active, we can add only 1 quantity
- FS#48: Some caddy have 1 _ price for pay with credit card
- FS#50: Can add product in product list with no stock for this product
- FS#50: Can add product in product list with no stock for this product
- Bad call for smarty function
- FS#68: Activ caddy number was wrong on Back Office index
- Protect data from script
- FORM: Peeserve titlein mail send
- Send email if email address is present
- Send email to plici admin if necessary
- Cannot send 2 different mails in same php file
- Correct some bug in script
- Add to bookmark dont store correct url(replace SERVER_NAME by HTTP_HOST)
- FS#58: Encoded characters in most search word
- FS#58: Encoded characters in most search word
- Create special page with bad module id
- Delete message indicate when the new website is up
- FS#56: Bad caddie count
- FS#53: BO: Command: Unit price don't display decimal
- FS#45: Cancelled command, add stock for product
- Special method payment confirm display empty caddie
- php tag missing
- Bug with "mb_" function is corrected, now this functions are used only if they exists

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